I’m a creative, adventurer, optimist and a doer of things. If you need somebody who can create ideas, produce imagery, write stories and design experiences – let me know. My work encompasses commercial, corporate, artistic and social good initiatives from boardrooms to disaster areas and assignments in some of the most inspiring places a person can see in his lifetime. I also happen to have spent a disproportionate amount of time working with food and other retail brands, from ice cream to Latin American beef. Please do send me an email mylesdelfin(a)gmail.com if you have questions. You may also download my CV as a PDF File, it has professional-sounding words and fancy pictures that make me look good.

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My work is focused on bringing creative thinking and design into the real-world problem-solving space. What this simply means is that the designs and concepts I produce are meant to have a social benefit in the form of opportunity, growth and equality. The idea behind this approach stems from the realization I gained working on social good and disaster response projects that there is a severe need for creative thinking in solving many environmental and societal concerns. My interest extends into the way that technology and media is employed in new and future platforms for engagement, there is a real need to create a rational response to the chaos of massive social participation and focus that energy into something useful and good.