Artificial Indifference

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I’m a graphic designer, photographer, writer, and optimist. In some distant part of my life, I worked in theatre, on stage and off. I started a newspaper in high school and got a nice little trophy for a library that I set up. I’ve seen an ancient tree in the forest, split in two by lightning and reduced to cinder in the blink of an eye. I’ve raced bicycles for an entire day without stopping and raced for days without sleep, fell off a mountain-side twice, and I’ve used a compass to find an island while swimming in the open sea at night. I’ve seen the scale of the consequence when nature isn’t given due respect, and when human beings are abandoned at the periphery of dignified existence. I am a chronicler of stories, my own and of others who have lived a life beyond the ordinary in the quest to make a difference.

Available Stories


“Stop Telling Me Stories” – 13 June 2015



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