Bike Scouts PH

Bike Scouts Philippines is where social collaboration for social good becomes a style of living. The Bike Scouts community is all about using social engagement, portable technology, and bicycles as a resilient means of mobility to connect with others, do more, learn, share, and be involved in turning good intentions into action.

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There are two ways that you can participate in Bike Scouts, be a HERO by signing up to be a volunteer, or be a CHAMPION, by helping spread the word and gather support. Signing up as a volunteer means that you’ll be at the frontlines of doing something positive in the world as a Bike Scouts Volunteer Bicycle Messenger, while helping spread the word about doing good things for others makes you a champion of ideas and actions that bring courage where it is needed, hope, where there is none. However you choose to ride, we’re happy you can join us!

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