Form A Team


Are you interested in forming your own volunteer bicycle messenger team? It’s easy, but before you get to it there are some things you need to know and do!

First of all, make sure that you understand clearly what the Bike Scouts is all about. The name Bike Scouts is the best explanation of what the initiative is for, our work is to provide an alternative means of communication for people who are isolated by geography or the aftermath of severe natural disasters. We also collect disaster data that we forward to relevant partners who can process the information and put it to good use helping people. It’s important to understand that Bike Scouts is a communication and data initiative, we are not a search and rescue organization.

Second, make sure that you’ve signed up for the Bike Scouts Group Page, it’s how we stay in touch with each other and our means of staying in the loop regarding projects, activities, deployments, and all other Bike Scouts initiatives. Our Group Page is also where our partner organizations post opportunities and activities that Bike Scouts volunteers can choose to participate in.

Third, there are no fees, obligations, or requirements to join Bike Scouts Philippines. Also, please keep in mind that the Bike Scouts is strictly non-political, non-religious, and we do not discriminate against anybody for any reason or purpose. Even people who do not ride bicycles are welcome to join our teams as long as they follow the core principle of being a Bike Scout which is to do good for anyone, anywhere, and in any way and adhere to the Bike Scouts’ slogan “Bring courage where it’s needed, hope, where there is none.”

Fourth, please understand that forming a team in your community is a very important act of good for your community, not only does it provide a layer of preparedness for you but it also connects your community to the Bike Scouts Volunteer Network that will act on your behalf when you need it most. However, please realize that this is also a great responsibility, not only for your team but also in handling the Bike Scouts name that you carry. If you choose to become a Bike Scout leader you will have to become the kind of leader that your team deserves.

Lastly, the Bike Scouts is a 100% volunteer organization, we have no formal funding and no permanent support. We thrive in adverse conditions and we excel in the face of challenges, As a leader of your own team, you will have to learn how to represent this ideal by leading through example.  The Bike Scouts was formed by an original team of volunteers who represent the best of what they did in competitive sports, adventure work, community engagement, and social good. We are a volunteer initiative with a very high standard for ourselves and what we do, it is how we stand out and be able to ride when all others have failed.


1. Form a group of ten or more members and make sure that everybody signs up for the Bike Scouts Group Page so we can confirm that you’re not a robot. As much as possible, we like to know each other by our real names.

2. Once you are organized as a team, post a notice on our Group Page about your team. Indicate your location, team members’ names, and a short message of what you hope to achieve in your community as a Bike Scouts Volunteer Team.

3. Once we’ve confirmed your membership composition and your location you may open a Group Page for your team with the following naming convention: “Bike Scouts — name of City, Town, or Province that you represent. Please make sure that you only represent the area that you can actually cover and mobilize. The Core Team will request at some point for one of its members to be an administrator of your Group Page to help moderate and manage necessary material and content.

4. You will need to schedule and organize a “Volunteer Team Workshop” in your area. Normally, the Core Team will send two members to conduct the membership workshop (no fees required) but you will have to arrange for the venue and the necessary tools for the workshop (projector, laptop, and/ or television). The Bike Scouts Core Team is based in San Pedro, Laguna, if you are far from our Central Dispatch please factor into your scheduling for the workshop the fact that we will need a good amount of lead time to arrange for the budget for travelling to your location. The “Volunteer Team Workshop” will include all the basic membership knowledge and skills base that you will need to manage your own volunteer team, it will also include an introduction and training for the use of Goozam emergency app, the standard emergency hailing app for all Bike Scouts members, and also on the use of Rappler’s Project Agos disaster mapping platform that you will be using to file reports about disaster events in your area.  In addition, the workshop will also include the Bike Scouts Road Safety Protocols and the MovePH Road Safety project information.

5. The only thing that you and your team will need to spend on is the cost of your Bike Scouts team jerseys and the Team Materials that you will be needing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Bike Scouts does not allow its Volunteer Teams to raise and manage funds without prior approval from the Core Team to ensure transparency. In addition, the Bike Scouts maintain strict control over its logos, icons, and other graphic materials and content, always coordinate with Central Dispatch regarding the edited use of any Bike Scouts graphic, material, or content. Otherwise, members are free to share all publicly posted Bike Scouts materials and content. If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch with us through the Group Page or you can also send us an email through bikescoutsph[a]

This graphic illustrates what the Bike Scouts is all about.  View this image at full resolution: HERE