Hero School



There is a hero in all of us


The Bike Scouts’HERO SCHOOL is an initiative to bring education about bicycle riding and safety to the general public as a foundation for community-based disaster preparedness and response using bicycle mobility and portable life-saving technology. Hero School is primarily intended for students, schoolchildren, their teachers, and parents but the project is open to communities, organizations, and companies that would like to introduce the work, volunteer mindset, vision, and leadership of the Bike Scouts to their personal lifestyle or professional experience. The Hero School provides a safe and professional introduction to the fun and beneficial activity of riding bicycles for mobility, recreation, fitness, and for doing good, the school is a chance to learn how to ride bicycles and, if you already know how, interact with experienced riders and get an exclusive insight into their experience and knowledge. Most importantly, Hero School offers access to exclusive video and photographic content that the Bike Scouts has collected over four years of work in disaster sites and community projects, partnered with first-hand stories about teamwork, leadership, resiliency, and dedication doing work that knocks down ideas of what’s possible and not through community effort.

The Hero School Program can be tailor-made for every situation or goal that participants would like to set for themselves. For schools, the main objective is to give students and teachers a fun experience learning about bicycles and what they can do. Also, to introduce to students how they can be a hero for each other and their own communities by learning how bicycles can be used to help family and neighbors stay in touch with each other and provide each other with help in the aftermath of natural disasters. The school program is a three-hour event that includes a classroom module that will allow participants to engage with Bike Scouts teachers and volunteers and learn through pictures, video, and in practice. The second part of the school program includes a practical session about riding bicycles, road safety, and basic bicycle maintenance. The school program includes the following materials:


  1. Hero School student’s book, class shirt, and certificate of participation
  2. Professional instructor, classroom instruction, and media screening
  3. One-on-one bicycle instruction and free use of demo-bicycle
  4. Digital file of event photos and video

The Hero School Program for corporate participants include the same basic elements as the school program with the addition of a teamwork and leadership module based on the field experience of Bike Scouts Volunteer Teams on deployment. The teamwork and leadership module is valuable for corporate participants because it provides insight into the essential elements of effective group dynamics and effective leadership based on real-world situations with real consequences and requirements. Most importantly, the Corporate Program is designed to introduce the mindset of volunteerism and social good among professionals. For a business, having executives and employees that have a well-developed understanding and instinct for doing good through the work they do is a positive impact for their workplace and their brand. The Bike Scouts Hero School brings the “hero mindset” into the workplace in a very positive way, by helping professionals realize that the work they do can have a positive and large impact in the broader world.

The Bike Scouts Hero School is a fund-raising initiative that allows the Bike Scouts to be better prepared to deploy and respond to natural disasters, everything that the school earns helps the Bike Scouts do its work and promote its advocacy.

Please do email us for inquiries about schedules and pricing: bikescoutsph[a]gmail.com