I Choose To Be A Champion

Welcome to the Bike Scouts, thank you for choosing to be a champion! You are signing up to be part of a community that has been collaboratively making a positive impact in both social media and in people’s lives since 2013, it is what’s at the heart of everything that the Bike Scouts rides out to accomplish. The Bike Scouts community is the foundation of its Volunteer Network that informs, educates, and shares in the effort to spread awareness about the value of bicycles as a resilient means of mobility that allows people to connect and to support our work to establish community-based disaster preparedness and response. In the age of social media and digital communications everything is about community and the social reach that it provides, the Bike Scouts is only as relevant and useful as the number of people that champion its cause. We are Bike Scouts, ordinary people doing extraordinary things because, with whatever we have, we can inspire the world by the boldness of our actions.


As a Champion, there are no fees or requirements, you just have to sign up for the Bike Scouts’ Group Page on Facebook so we can keep you updated about opportunities to participate in any number of activities, initiatives, and help in times of Volunteer Network Activation. The work of a Bike Scouts Champion is essential in all aspects of what we do, you will be the key to sharing the stories and calls-to-action of the Bike Scouts in times of good weather and bad.

Feel free to download the Goozam App, it’s free to use and it allows you to send out a hail in case of emergencies or be a GeoVolunteer yourself if you receive a hail from others.

You will now also have access to the MovePH Project Agos Disaster Reponse Platform where you can instantly report disaster events in your area that go directly to the Office of Civil Defense Command Center for appropriate action.

The Bike Scouts regularly conduct TeamUp! events that are the best way to meet other volunteers and learn more about what the Bike Scouts and you can do together to make a positive impact wherever it is needed. We hope that you’ll find your experience with the Bike Scouts inspiring and fulfilling, thank you for being a part of the team!

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Basic team kit for Bike Scouts Volunteers, you’re not required to purchase anything to be a volunteer we just make these products available in case you want to show your team spirit!

A complete guide to how the Bike Scouts work and where your teammates are in the field. Bike Scouts lead the way!