Flagship Project

PROJECT: Creator360 2017   CLIENT: CITEM, Brand Guerilla   PRINCIPALS: Confidential

Creator360 brings together the most relevant and groundbreaking creatives, innovators and business leaders in an environment where art, design, technology and entrepreneurship can collaborate in creating a positive and viable influence in society and business. The objectives of Creator360 is to serve as a real-world social platform to launch ideas and to be a community that’s gathered to support the emergence of innovation and creativity in whatever scale, shape, or form. It is what makes Creator360 unique because it’s not a competition, it’s not a place of measurement or comparison, it’s where to plant the seeds of innovation and creativity with the full intention of growing them to their potential with collective optimism and support.

If there will be a culture of fearless creativity and innovation in the Philippines this is where it will start, with the community that comes together at the event with an intended creative culture that is confident enough to dictate it’s contribution to progress. The event is designed to harness this kind of energy through its content, program and materials assembled in a way that will allow creatives and innovators to experience the full extent of the resource and community that has never been obvious but has always been available to them. Creator360 is an event that is genuinely designed to be an environment and an experience where creatives and innovators can truly act upon their collective purpose for the first time. Creator360 is a place to bravely share.

The event concept is based on the idea of letting creative energy run free and then harnessing it to become the foundation of a dynamic and exciting community culture that will drive participation in the development of skills, education, invention and an approach that can help drive creative growth and progress. Participants will be encouraged to participate not only with their attendance but also through the energy of their self-expression and the excitement of their ideas. With these in mind, the event will have the following elements:

  1. Students of fine arts, mass communication, film, creative writing, technology and other creative pursuits will be encouraged to design a look they can wear to the event that they feel will represent their personal or collective artistry or purpose (award component).
  2. The event space will be designed to have pocket platforms with a continuous stream of quick and up-close master classes, idea pitching sessions and practical workshops that event participants can jump into at their convenience, these pocket platforms will be short and fast to maximize time and retain the energy of the event. Event participants can sign up to use these platforms to present their own work, idea, or product.
  3. The event space will have a collaboration space for people who meet at the event and discover a common interest in something they can work on together. The collaboration space will be open but separate but the rest of the event’s main activities to provide privacy and a creative environment.
  4. All of the exhibits at the event space will be tangible and interactive, the idea is to recreate a real-world environment where ideas and products usually have to work in.
  5. The main stage of the event will feature panel discussions, Q&As and individual talks that provide very specific value to the Creator360 community in attendance in terms of education, skill, opportunity and direction.
  6. The event space will be covered by a high-speed internet connection that will allow participants to experience technology exhibits as they are meant to be experienced, and also to share their experience on social media, they will also be given the opportunity to have the content and work they produce exhibited on the main display panels (award component).
  7. The Creator360 event is a technology-based creative event in terms of its inclusion of creativity-specific technology and because of its integration of content platforms, analytics and data as its primary form of measurement and engagement.