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The Bike Scouts is a 100% volunteer initiative, it depends on the hard work of volunteers and the kindness of people who very generously support the project. For the past four years since it was organized the Bike Scouts project has done its work without formal funding – a situation that we are working to change into a more sustainable format, but it takes time.

Every year we have a schedule of Flagship Projects to promote our advocacy for community-based disaster preparedness and response using bicycles and portable life-saving technology. In support of the advocacy, our Flagship Projects include community events like the Midnight Ride that give volunteers and members of the public an opportunity to engage with the Bike Scouts project in doing good for the communities that we belong to. In addition, the Bike Scouts organizes regular community events to promote public participation in bicycle use as a form of mobility, doing acts of good, and promoting disaster preparedness. For these things we need your support!

You can SPONSOR the 1000Km Ride and our other activities.


1. Bike Scouts Readiness Fund is something we’re trying to raise to allow the Bike Scouts maintain a state of readiness for deployment or community activity. The fund will provide one team of Bike Scouts volunteer bicycle messengers with uniforms, helmets, gloves, headlamps, and other basic equipment and supplies  as well as the ability to mobilize at any time. The Readiness Fund is a concept that was only implemented recently based on four years of experience in sudden requirements for deployment. The effectiveness of the Bike Scouts depend on its ability to respond in a timely manner, at the point in the aftermath of natural disasters where people who are affected by it are in most need of an alternative means of communication, information, and supplies.

2. Flagship Projects are regular activities of the Bike Scouts that help raise essential awareness about its advocacy of community-based disaster preparedness and response using bicycles, it’s also essential in promoting the Bike Scouts’ secondary advocacy of expanding community participation in social good.

3. Operational Costs of the Bike Scouts is not very large, in fact, it costs more to maintain a bicycle in good working order than to run the Bike Scouts project. However, there is still a cost for the most basic needs like internet access, team materials, and expenses for mobility going to regular meetings and events related to partnerships and the promotion of the Bike Scouts project.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We value your trust, which is why documentation of funded materials and activities are always posted on the Bike Scouts Group Page and this website for public review. Documents related to receipt and use of donated funds will also be made available upon request.



The Bike Scouts is making Exclusive Team Merchandise available to generous people and organizations that sponsor its projects and activities. We’d like you to be one of the few people the Bike Scouts invite to sponsor the work we need to do in preparation for the 1000Km Ride on November 8, the Midnight Ride on December 24th, and the launch of the Bike Scouts’ Hero School. Your generous support will help us promote disaster preparedness and response in communities using bicycles, we’ll be able to meet with students in places that are most vulnerable to natural disasters about how they can be a hero for their own communities, and you’ll be instrumental to the success of Bike Scouts and its initiatives.


As a Team Sponsor, you will receive a shirt with the design of your choice from the three available designs with your name and the title honor of “Team Sponsor” specially printed on the sleeve. In addition, your name will be included in the credits of the Bike Scouts Year-End Team Video that will be posted online by the second week of January 2018. We hope you can support the Bike Scouts and be part of the team as we ride out and lead the way in “bringing courage where it is needed, hope, where there is none.” #bikescoutsph #thisiswhyweride