The 1000KM Ride


The 1000Km Ride is a flagship project of the Bike Scouts that has been organized annually since 2015. The main goal for the ride is to create mainstream public awareness about the viability of bicycles as a means for mobility and also to sustain the relevance of Typhoon Yolanda as a reminder of the need for disaster preparedness and response. 

The 1000Km Ride also provides a chance for the different Bike Scouts Community Volunteer Teams based in places along the route to connect in the most relevant way for community-based volunteer bicycle messengers. This is important for the Bike Scouts initiative because of its core advocacy of promoting the concept of “community-based disaster preparedness and response” using bicycles for mobility and portable life-saving technology. The Bike Scouts’ community volunteer teams form the backbone of the Bike Scouts preparedness and response approach – to place the ability, knowledge, and resource needed for disaster resiliency in the hands of those who are locally-based and naturally-responsible for their own welfare and that of their own community. Starting in 2017, the ride is open to the public as a team event.

Bicycles are often seen as something meant for recreation or something to ride for casual needs. However, the Bike Scouts have demonstrated the value and resiliency of bicycles as a means for mobility in even the harshest conditions. The challenge that the 1000Km Ride event is meant to address is the appreciation of volunteer teams and the general public about bicycles as a means to bring aid, hope, and safety before and in the aftermath of natural disasters. Riding a thousand kilometers through some of the communities and areas along the route that are most vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters is a statement about the value of bicycles.


The 1000Km Ride is a good way to present the value of bicycle-use to the public as a lifestyle choice with benefits that extend to disaster preparedness and response. Riding a thousand kilometers to a school to meet with students and teachers break the ice between the advocacy and the people that it’s meant for, the audacity and novelty of the ride is often inspiration for many that creates an automatic bond and interest in what the initiative aims to share.

The ride starts in Manila and goes through the provinces of Laguna, Quezon, Bicol, Sorsogon, Samar, and Leyte within ten days of riding. Along the way, the Bike Scouts’ riding team stops at selected places to meet and talk to students and teachers about bicycles, life experiences, and community-based disaster preparedness and response. In the three years of the annual ride the communities that the Bike Scouts visited have all responded positively to the initiative and involvement and volunteer participation in the Bike Scouts have grown. Community engagement is important for the Bike Scouts because of its goal of expanding its Volunteer Network from Luzon all the way down to the southern part of the country. The Bike Scouts Volunteer Network is crucial to the value and effectiveness of the Bike Scouts project as the central source for real-time information, data, and manpower in times of natural disasters. The most important goal of the Bike Scouts is to localize its capabilities and value as a volunteer organization by sharing and teaching the idea of community-based disaster preparedness and response to as many communities and volunteers as possible. We believe that the day the capabilities of the Bike Scouts become common in the places that need it most is the day we know we’ve succeeded.


You can join the ride by downloading the participation manual HERE.

Join the conversation with the 1000Km Ride community HERE.

If you’d like to support the ride as a sponsor you can Download the Sponsors’ Kit. In addition, we also need support in finding event partners for the production costs for materials that we need for our school workshops along the route, accommodations, transportation partners, and local community contacts that can help put us in touch with schools that are interested in meeting the riding team of Bike Scouts Philippines and learn about riding bicycles and community-based disaster preparedness and response. The Bike Scouts would be very happy to work with brands and businesses that are interested in being title sponsors and partners for the Bike Scouts’ work. You can also support the Bike Scouts by becoming a Team Sponsor!