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The Bike Scouts are volunteer bicycle messengers serving in places severely affected by natural disasters, we are a community and a platform for turning the power of social engagement into social involvement.

The Bicycle Scouts Project is the community taking action to help itself and others. Doing good in the world is possible with a community that provides inspiration, capacity, knowledge, skills, and optimism. We take action as a community because it’s the best way for people to work together for the common good. #bikescoutsph #thisiswhyweride Download Our Primer


  1. To maintain a team of volunteer bicycle messengers that can deploy anytime to provide an alternative means of communication in places severely affected by natural disasters.
  2. To promote community-based disaster preparedness and response using bicycles for mobility and portable technology for life-saving, communication, and awareness.
  3. To bring communities together for social good activities that help create an interest and participation in the core advocacy and goals of the Bike Scouts project.
  4. To bring knowledge, content, and skills for resiliency and disaster preparedness to the public in a way that makes them essential to the way that people live.


THE 1000KM RIDE is an annual team ride of Bike Scouts Philippines from the Philippines’ capital city of Manila to the southern-most tip of Samar Province where Typhoon Yolanda made landfall in 2013. Originally meant to celebrate the foundation of the Bicycle Scouts Project (also known as Bike Scouts Philippines after the name of its core group), the ride is now on its third year of running and is about to be opened up to the public as an organized long-distance stage ride. The aim of the event is to help promote the Bike Scouts’ advocacy of promoting community-based disaster preparedness and response using bicycles and portable technology. This goal is achieved through the stories and media materials that are generated by the ride as the participants meet the people and communities along the route that are among the most vulnerable to severe natural disasters. In addition, the 1,000-kilometer Ride project also opens up areas to bicycle enthusiasts who have never explored roads and trails beyond the usual destinations. Incidentally, the event also showcases the extent of the bicycle’s capacity for human-powered travel and mobility. Riding a thousand kilometers on a bicycles shows the potential of bicycles as a form of transportation and as a platform for disaster response.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2017 installment of the 1000Km Ride has been configured to focus on conducting school visits along the route of the event, this is to support the launch of the Bike Scouts’ HERO School initiative that is the main platform for our community-based disaster preparedness and response using bicycles and portable life-saving technology. The Hero School workshops is supported by Goozam that will also bring in a very important segment for CPR training and the for the use of AEDs. We hope you can support us!

Ride Format The 1,000 Kilometer Ride cycling event is first-of-it’s-kind in its combination of both competitive and non-competitive participation options without the use of categories.Participants ride for the achievement of finishing the 1,000 kilometer course, which is the principal purpose of the event, but the more competitive participants can opt to race against each other in designated Speed Segments on every stage that will allow them to accumulate points that will determine their overall race ranking in the event. This system gives participating teams the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape on the course with the choice to compete without disrupting the style of the cycling experience carefully designed for the event. All finishers get a specially-designed 1000KM Coin, competitive teams get a certificate and bragging rights.

Ride Schedule The 1,000 Kilometer Ride rolls out on November 8th of every year to coincide with Typhoon Yolanda’s landfall in the Philippines. This year, there will be a pre-event participants’ briefing scheduled for November 6th where participating teams and event sponsors will be formally introduced to the public and the media. The ride from Manila to Samar will take ten days, passing through Laguna, Quezon, Bicol, Sorsogon, Samar and Leyte. There will be a finish line setup on the bridge crossing from Calicoan Island on the Pacific Ocean coast of Eastern Samar to the island village of Sulangan. A victory party will follow and a finishers’ dinner on the beach.


THE MIDNIGHT RIDE is an annual event where Bike Scouts volunteer bicycle messenger teams ride out on the evening of December 24th to deliver gifts of food, clothes, and toys to the homeless. The Midnight Ride is a non-religious activity that’s done to address the neglect that people who have less experience at a time of the year when a majority of the population are out buying gifts and food for their own families. Christmas is a season for giving, the Midnight Ride is the Bike Scouts way of providing its volunteers with a way to give back to their own communities in the most meaningful way. Bike Scouts Philippines is now collecting contributions of canned food, Instant Noodles, Candies, Milk, Powdered Chocolate Drinks, Children’s Toys (new or presentable quality toys only), Coloring Books and Crayola. We also accept cash donations for this event, funds will be used for additional supplies, Christmas wrappers and note cards for the gifts that will be delivered as well as for the food of the volunteers who will be participating in the event.  The ride will start 6PM on December 24th 2017, program and event details will follow. Please get in touch with us through the Bike Scouts Group Page for any questions, concerns, or contributions and sponsorship inquiries.


HERO SCHOOL is a learning initiative that will teach kids and their parents about bicycles, bicycles safety, road safety, and also about how they can be Bike Scouts Volunteers in their own way. Hero School is a fun and engaging way for the public to discover the work that Bike Scouts volunteers do to promote community-based disaster preparedness, develop an interest in bicycles, adopt bicycles as means for mobility and to do good in the world. Hero School will also the main platform for sharing of stories and media content about the Bike Scouts that are designed to inspire interest and participation. Please email me at mylesdelfin[a]gmail.com for inquiries about how we can bring Hero School to your community!


This graphic illustrates the full coverage of work that the Bike Scouts does.  View this image at full resolution: HERE

The Bicycle Scouts Project is an initiative that’s designed to provide survivors of severe natural disasters with alternative means of communication and access to live-saving portable technology in the event that road access, regular communications, and motorized transport becomes unavailable. Bike Scouts serve as volunteer bicycle messengers that collect survivor information, disaster data, and personal messages from people that suffer from severe damage to infrastructure and loss of basic services. The Bicycle Scouts Project achieved its proof-of-concept immediately as soon as it was established when Bike Scouts volunteer teams deployed to Tacloban City and Samar Province in the Visayas in the Philippines in response to Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.


This graphic illustrates the places where the Bike Scouts have a presence.  View this image at full resolution: HERE

This graphic illustrates what the Bike Scouts is all about.  View this image at full resolution: HERE